We built Everdays to make insurance do more.

Our Company

From our home base in Detroit, Michigan, we are redefining life insurance for the 50+ age group. We've created a digital platform designed for the unique requirements of this important demographic, streamlining their planning journey with what we believe is the simplest way to buy insurance.

Our Team

Our team of experienced insurance and technology professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support. We strive to exceed customer expectations and provide the most friendly experience in the industry.

Our Partners

Through strategic partnerships with trusted and top-rated insurance carriers, Everdays ensures that our customers receive the best coverage at affordable pricing. These partnerships are carefully curated to provide our customers with the most peace of mind, knowing that their coverage is backed by tenured industry leaders with the financial backing to be there when our customers and their loved-ones will need them most.

Meet our founder


Mark is a Detroit-based serial entrepreneur that creates business solutions to address real-life challenges. After the personal experience of losing his parents, he recognized the importance of an end-of-life plan. Mark firmly believes that everyone should have the ability to proactively plan and financially safeguard their families.

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Final Expense

With up to $100,00 in permanent life coverage, you’ll have the funds you need to pay for funeral expenses, outstanding debts & bills, or any financial legacy you'd like to leave behind.

Term Life

Designed for the 50+ generation, our specialized term life solution will provide your family the funds needed to pay for an outstanding mortgage, college loans, credit card bills or other debts left behind if you die unexpectedly.

Long-Term Care

Our innovative term life insurance policy includes powerful built-in living benefit features designed to give you access to money to help pay for you long-term care costs if you need it.

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Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities and join our mission to fundamentally change the way millions of seniors approach planning ahead.

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